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Are you a student seeking a challenging and fast-paced work environment in which to learn valuable new skills? Do you want to be a part of a dedicated team of professionals in an exciting industry that emphasizes teamwork? If so, then Contrans Flatbed may be the place for you. Our knowledgeable supervisors ensure you always have the support and guidance you require for professional development while still giving you the freedom necessary for individual growth.

As a member of the Contrans Flatbed team, you’ll develop strong leadership skills with the ongoing hands-on training provided by our industry experts. Our supervisors always strive to make your time with us an opportunity to clarify your personal career goals while gaining marketable skills that will benefit you when applying for future employment opportunities.

We offer the following programs:

  • One of the things I have noticed this year is my new confidence level! And I know this has A LOT to do with Contrans. I had to be assertive when talking with drivers and other co-workers in order to get the job done while I was there. That experience is something that I have been able to put to use around Wilfrid Laurier with networking and meeting new people. I also think confidence is something so important because you can truly notice someone who is confident out of a crowd.Bob McMaster

  • Contrans was an amazing place to work. As a co-op student, they gave me the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility and challenged me to try new things. They were also a very friendly and welcoming environment where you aren’t just the co-op student no one knows but instead a valued member of the team.

    Megan Lint