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The strong leadership and industry expertise of our management team plays a crucial role in providing the highest quality of service to our customers. Below is a list of the key management staff that are here to make sure your needs are looked after.

contrans flatbed group

Name/Position Phone
Kristen Fess – Vice President, Contrans Flatbed Group 877-790-1226
Khusro Mirza – Controller 877-790-1226
Brad Glassford – General Manager, Domestic Operations 877-790-1226
Ron Eadie – General Manager, US Operations 877-790-1226
Grayson Maillet – Director of Sales & Business Development 877-790-1226
Kara Kett – Driver Recruitment and Retention 866-HAULCFG
Amy Barber – Manager, Risk Management 877-790-1226

Tri-line Carriers:

Name/Position Phone
Dave Stremick – Director of Operations 800-661-9191
Brendon Clark – Divisional Manager, Flatbed 800-661-9191
Erick Salazar – Divisional Manager, Bulk 800-661-9191
Tyler Chalmers – Divisional Manager, Dedicated Services 800-661-9191
Kalina Legoff – Manager, Safety & Compliance 800-661-9191
Ed Roeke – Fleet Maintenance Manager 800-661-9191
Heidi Pittman – Driver Recruitment 800-661-9191


Name/Position Phone
Harm Singh – General Manager Brookville Carriers 800-565-1676
Mark Greenwood – Operations Manager 800-565-1676
Scott Brown – Safety and Compliance 800-565-1676
Ian Bingham – Recruitment 800-565-1676