News & UpdatesHere We Come, Windsor!

Posted: Feb 27, 2013 in: News & Updates

At Contrans Flatbed Group, you’ve probably noticed we’re always exploring innovative and ambitious ways to expand our market reach. It’s true. When it comes to providing our customers with genuinely helpful service and giving our drivers the right tools to shine, we’re all about bringing everything to the table.

So, what’s the big news we’re building up to? (Don’t tell us you weren’t onto us by now.) We’re buzzing with excitement over here because on March 1st, we’re going to be opening a brand new satellite office in the Windsor, Ontario area. That’s right!

Contrans Flatbed’s Group will be joining forces with the Carrier Truck Center to create a mega-supportive hub for our hardworking drivers and loyal client base. This new hotbed of activity will house our new driver relations/sales employee, Grayson, along with 8 trucks and 12 trailers of various types so we’ll be better able to resource the work required in the region.

What this means for our drivers:

Many of you make regular trips through Windsor and some of you even call it home, but we don’t often get the opportunity to chat with you face-to-face at the yard. We think that’s a shame. After all, we want to make sure you feel like a true part of our growing team and that you’ve got the right support to thrive within the company.

That’s where Grayson, driver relations, comes in. He’s super friendly (pinky swear) and will be able to answer your questions or navigate any issues you may be having. In other words, he’s on board to keep you smiley-faced, motivated and rollin’ in the right direction.

What this means for our customers:

Grayson will also be responsible for building customer relationships in the Windsor region, as well as finding new freight and engaging in lucrative networking opportunities. More importantly, our new satellite office will give our Windsor area customers a place to visit and a nearby body to connect with should they run into any hairy issues.

“We’re hoping that this new office will create opportunity further down the 401 corridor for us to help us to organically grow and develop as a company,” says Kara Kett, our Driver Recruiter. “It also allows us the opportunity to tap into the Windsor market for drivers with the resources to support them properly and allow for their success both with their careers and their longevity with our company”.

The Windsor satellite office is just another positive step towards serving our employees and customers better. If you want to learn more or keep updated on what developments are underway, remember to sign up for our newsletter! We’ll make sure you’re the first to know.